About Us

About Us

Air conditioning for Perth has been involved in the Perth air conditioning market for over 25 years.We are here to offer a service to find a solution to suit your Air conditioning for Perth needs. We are not just here to sell you a air conditioning system we will offer a total package  for piece of mind with great quality components and  reliable products . There is no reason you should not benefit from our experience and avoid the pit fall of cheap products.

We also service the Do it yourself market as it gives our customers another choice and another level of service. We believe if your are a well skilled handyman, you would be able to do a lot of the work and save yourself lots of dollars.

We will assist by helping you with model selection and what type of air conditioning system suits your life style form a  Split system type air conditioning system, to a  fully ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system or a ducted evaporative cooler. We will also help with duct layout and design.

So If your require any more information or would like some advice on Air conditioning for Perth please contact us on

Phone 9 271 8643 or email us on info@airconditioningforperth.com.au

Please also visit our web site www.airconditioningforperth.com.au

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