Ducted Air Conditioning Perth Reverse Cycle

Ducted Air Conditioning Perth Reverse Cycle fancoil

Fan Coil Unit

Ducted Air Conditioning Perth Reverse Cycle is one of the most efficient forms of heating your home. With the introduction of the inverter many years ago the ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system has now become a very popular way of heating and cooling your home.The  air conditioning unit consists  of two main parts, the first being the fan coil unit which is mounter in your roof space which has sheet metal work connected to it.Off the sheet metal starter runs  all your insulated flexible ducting which moves the warm or cold air through out your home.

motorised dampers

Motorised Damper

In your roof space there are a lots of other different Air conditioning components that make up your ducted air conditioning Perth reverse cycle system like a Motorised damper. a motorised damper is used to distribute the air to the parts of your home you wish to heat or cool.  A motorised damper can also be used to control the amount of air going to those same areas. There are several different types on the market some are made of plastic and some made of metal.

insulated flexible ducting

Insulated flexible ducting

The air then passes through the insulated flexible ducting which distributes air all over over your home passing through y pieces and vents. A good flexible ducting layout can make a big difference in the performance of air conditioning system. The right diameter of insulated flexible ducting must be used at the right time to ensure correct air flow is delivered at the right time. The other thing to consider is make sure you are using a minimum of R1.0 insulated flexible ducting on your Ducted Air Conditioning Perth Reverse Cycle.

The air diffusion is another part of your ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system. There are several different types once again depending on your budget from the plastic air diffusion which is standard on 95% of all jobs to the metal air diffusion .

Plastic Vent

Plastic Vent

Metal diffuser

Metal diffuser


Air Conditioning Evaporative Cooling

Air Conditioning Evaporative Cooling

Evaporative air conditioning Perth is a cost effective way of cooling your home with the rising electricity costs in Perth. A Ducted evaporative cooling system can be installed in your home in one day the costs of the systems would range between $2500.00 – $6000.00 depending of the type of service you would require. Now is a great time to consider installing a ducted evaporative cooling system as we have some great specials with up to 500.00 dollars of normal prices.

Evaporative coolers gmtair

We have some great air conditioning evaporative cooling Perth specials with well know brands in stock like Coolair, Braemar, with great prices and quick installation times we will beat any genuine written quote that uses quality components in their systems. But act quickly as stocks are limited we also cater for the Perth air conditioning Diy market so if you want to save further money this is a great way of doing it.

Perth Air conditioning Diy

A lot of air conditioning companies will tell you you need a professional company to install your system this statement is incorrect. There are parts of the system that need to installed by qualified trades like your electrical connection and your water connection that must be carried out by a licensed plumber. The installation side of you ducted evaporative air conditioning Perth system can be done by a will skilled handy man in less than a day.

The most important part of installing an  Air Conditioning evaporative cooling system is having it designed correctly and not cutting corners buy using cheaper quality components or using wrong size ducting to save a few dollars. It is very important when deciding on which company or system you use make sure the are well experience within the industry and have a shop or factory so you know they have commitment to the industry and are going to be around if you have any problems.

So email me your plans now for the best quote on evaporative air conditioning Perth to sales@airconditioningforperth.com.au