Diy Ducted Air Conditioning

When installing a ducted air conditioning system within your home the Diy Ducted Air Conditioning method is a fantastic way to save money .There are 2 main types ofDiy Ducted Air Conditioning ducted air conditioning systems that we use in Perth. I would recommend to buy Australian made machines instead of the cheap imported products.

Diy Ducted Air Conditioning Evaporative Cooling

When selecting your evaporative cooling system make sure you purchase an Evaporative  cooler with a drain valve or dump valve. This will help with the maintenance of your evap cooler as it drains your water on a daily basis. With our diy ducted air conditioning system we supply quality Australian made flexible ducting. We also use a plastic dropper and flashing to make the installation easier. A price range for a diy ducted air conditioning starts from $2000.00 for a small home up to 120 sq metre with 6 outlets.

A Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system will heat and cool your home. This type of system is fast becoming a very popular choice for the simple reason it heat and cools your home. The weather pattern in Perth is changing and we are experiencing more summer days each year that have high humidity. When considering Reverse cycle air conditioning system it is very important to buy a quality brand. Panasonic, Mitsubishi heavy industries, Daikin, Actron Air are just a few brands I would highly recommend. Each brand machine has there own features and benefits.

With any Diy Ducted Air Conditioning it is very important to make sure you use quality air conditioning components. The other very important¬† thing to ensure you make sure you have a well balanced design. It doesn’t matter how good the machine is if you have a poor design your system will not work correctly.

If you are looking for a diy ducted air conditioning system contact me with your plans And I will help you with a tailored design.

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