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Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted Air Conditioning Perth Is a great way to Heat and Cool your home. We are now fast approaching summer and the temperatures will starting to rise and theducted air conditioning sleepless nights will begin. A Panasonic ducted inverter air conditioner system  is a great way to cool your Perth home.

A ducted air conditioning system is typically a system that will heat or cool a large area. It has a centrally located cooling or heating unit is located in your home.  Flexible ducting is then connected to the unit and then runs through  various y pieces concealed within your roof space running through out your home or office. The air then enters each room via an air conditioning vent located in the wall or ceiling.

Ducted evaporative cooling is one form  which cools your home by  water passing over celdek pads. This is by far the cheapest form of ducted air conditioning, prices range from $3200.00 up to $5600.00 depending on brand and size. This is the most expensive capital cost and running cost. Prices would range from $6000.00 up to $15000.00 depending on the brand and size. With this system it can also depend time of year you buy as some manufactures offer some very good incentives.

Ducted air conditioning DIY

Have you ever thought of installing your ducted air conditioning system as a DIY Project it is a great way of saving money. The potential saving could be as high as one thousand dollars depend on the size of home. You would also have the satisfaction  of installing the ducted air conditioning system yourself. The tools you will need to install the system your self are basic tools like a ladder,saw, drill. The ducted air conditioning system will take less than a day to install. You will need to arrange a licensed electrician and refrigeration mechanic for your system to maintain its warranty and to conform with all legal requirements.

So if you would like more information on a Ducted air conditioning as a diy project.  Email me your plans for a free no obligation quote we have good stocks of most models. .

If a diy air conditioning system is not for you.  We can arrange a fully installed system using top quality component’s. An example would be our a high quality Flexible Ducting made right here in Perth. We also use quality brands of air conditioning systems like Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Daikin,Samsung. So contact us now and we will help you with the system design.

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