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Perths hot summer is here need Air conditioning in Perth’s homes

Air conditioning Perth Homes

Perth’s hot summer is here need cooling down ? there are many different ways to cool down your home down over summer. With the hot weather we are experiencing this summer we have to think of the most efficient and cost effective way to keep our homes cool. There are essentially 4 factors to consider when making your selection.

  • The Air conditioning company in my opinion is one of the most important factors to consider along with the products they sell both in brand and quality.
  • Budget initial purchase price this will play an important part in the type of air conditioning system you end up with and also the brand of system and how much of the home you want to cool or heat at once.
  • The on going running cost of the air conditioning system. daily usage there are essentially there are  2 different types reverse cycle air conditioning or ducted evaporative cooling. there is a large price difference between the 2 both in running costs and initial purchase price.
  • Purchasing a Fully installed system or a diy air conditioning system.

There are 3 Different forms of ducted air conditioning below is a summary of each.

Ducted Evaporative Air conditioning Perth

  • Ducted evaporative air conditioning is one of the cheapest forms of ducted air conditioning in the market today. How it works is warm air passing through wet filter pads and cooling down on the way through it has been around for many years and have had several different changes over the years. The main one being the filter media from a straw like material in a mesh bag to a more efficient  treated card board media. The advantage of this type of system is cheaper initial costs and on going cheaper running costs.The disadvantage of this system is limited cooling ability and very little cooling effect on humid days which are increasing in Perth.
Ducted Reverse cycle Air conditioning Perth
  • Ducted reverse air conditioning is becoming a very popular addition to many Perth homes as a cost effective way of cooling or heating your  home. With the inverter technology reverse cycle air conditioning has become more affordable than the older non inverter air conditioners. A ducted reverse cycle system can be zoned off to heat and cool different parts of you home as required It is also known as one of the most efficient forms of heating. prices range from $6000.00

Ducted Gas heating

  • Ducted gas heating is another form of ducted heating with a gas heat exchanger which is situated in your  the disadvantage is it only heats your home and has no cooling ability it also is only feasible where natural gas is available as it is very costly should you run the system on LPG.

So if you are all hot and bothered and want fast efficient service call us for a free quote on your  air conditioning needs you will not be disappointed. We have several different levels of service.

for a great deal on air conditioning Perth Call us now on 9271 8643  or email your plans to



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