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Reverse cycle air conditioning Perth

Reverse cycle air conditioning Perth

Summer is well and truly here we have had record temperatures this year and have broken plenty of records. we are now at the start or March with still a couple of months of hot weather left as the hot weather in the last few years has drifted in to April. We have Reverse cycle air conditioning Perth systems at end of summer prices. If you are on a tight budget we can offer a complete diy air conditioning which can easily be installed in a day with a friend. The installation of the system can be installed by a well skilled handyman you will also need an electrician and refrigeration mechanic if you need contacts for these trade we can supply good quality contractors. We can also offer a complete supply and install system  Ducted  air conditioners Perth is a cost effective way of cooling and heating your home if you buy your fire wood and run a wood fire a refrigerated air conditioning Perth system is  more cost effective than running a wood fire.

Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning Perth

Panasonic ducted inverter is one of the best quality ducted reverse cycle air conditioning Perth systems on the market today It is a well established brand and is distributed through the Panasonic specialist network. The ducted reverse cycle air conditioning Perth system is used to keep all of our shopping centres and office building at there desired temperature. They are now also becoming very popular in the domestic home as the weather in Perth is changing. The ever popular ducted evaporative air conditioning is less effective with the increase of humid weather in the last few years.

Another form of reverse cycle air conditioning in the wall split system, this system has a cheaper upfront cost on equipment and is good for cooling one room at a time however one of the down sides of the wall split is the large head unit that will go on the inside of your home. unlike the ducted reverse cycle system where most of your equipment is hidden in your roof space the only visible part is your ceiling diffuser.

So if your are in need of Air conditioning Perth email us for a free Quote.


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