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Reverse Cycle Ducted Air conditioning

Reverse cycle ducted air conditioning is a great way to cool and heat your home in Perth,with the changing weather patterns  in Perth we are experiencing more and more humid days each year, refrigerated air conditioning is becoming a more popular choice as it performs well in all weather  conditions. There several different types of refrigerated air conditioning  to suit many different budgets below is a basic description of the different types .

  • Split systems would be one of the most popular forms of  refrigerated air conditioners which are designed to cool 1 room at a time , you will find a lot of large retailers are selling this type of system as a cash and carry item and leaving it up to you as the consumer to arrange installation this in itself can cost you extra money as the contractor may charge more for installation since he did not supply the air conditioning unit. If you decide on split system type arrange installation at the same time you purchase your unit you will more than likely get a better deal. The main disadvantage of split systems type is it only cools the room it is installed in and to cool or heat a whole home multiply units would be required there for more than one machine would need regular servicing. One of the best brands offering value for money is a Panasonic Split System
  • Cassette type installation this is a little like split system except unit is mounted in the ceiling once again it will only cool or heat one area.
  •  Reverse cycle ducted air conditioning is the system selected where the whole of home heating and cooling is required, the cost can vary depending on a number of factors e.g. brand of unit, size of unit,number of outlets,number of zones we can offer great deals on Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner Prices.

Just remember no matter how good your air conditioning system is it cannot make up for poor sizing and more importantly poor design, so just remember with choosing were to buy site map make sure you buy from some with lots of experience in the industry.

Reverse cycle Air conditioning Perth

If you are looking to heat or cool 1 room I would recommend a split system inverter  Panasonic or Mitsubishi Split System or stick with a well established brand as they have stood the test of time and will have less problems in the long run. If you are looking to heat and cool your whole of home I would recommend a Reverse cycle ducted system once again a Panasonic ducted inverter.

If you would like a quote or require more information  on ducted reverse cycle air conditioning Perth email me your house plans or contact details to

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